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Insurance Certificate This letter is to inform you that a Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome security system has been installed for your client. Date Client Name Street Address City State Zip Alarm Location Panel Type Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Touchscreen Classification Burglary o Communication Type Fire Self reported classification. Check box accordingly X Dual Connect Broadband Cellular 6400 Fly Road East Syracuse NY 13057 Telephone 315. Insurance Certificate This letter is to inform...
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This is Time Warner Cable's local edition my name is Brad Tolerance I'm glad you're with us today, and I'm glad to introduce you to Marie Sandoval she is with California's Employment Development Department known as EDD it has five divisions five groupings, but you're focused on one which is what the workforce services division and what's the goal of that division okay the workforce services division is administering the Workforce Investment tack and Wagner Paper programs which prepares adults youth and dislocated workers in participating in the labor market, and also we match disqualified job seekers to our California employers and what's nice is that as we see the unemployment rate stubbornly high as it's also high with regard to veterans you're focused on that population talk to us about the efforts that you are engaging in to help veterans in California first of all the veterans are our priority ok any military veterans and eligible veterans that walk in any work source center are provided priority service the office where I'm working at which is the San Fernando Valley cluster, and I'm working at the canola park look location we have what we call the veteran academy it's a five-week intensive program where we help the veterans and eligible veterans either scrub to resume teach them how to interview in front of an employer and it's so important right now because I'm sure you know in Washington there was an effort to pass a bill to help veterans get jobs President Obama supported that bill, but it got bottled up in the Senate on the Republican side, so now we're back with the states and so the state's efforts really are key for California veterans it is true and what's exciting is on October 18th from 11 to three p.m. at the Warner center Marriott is a sixth annual honor a hero hire of that job and resource fair yes tell us all about that we are expecting over 50 employers okay some of the employers that we expect to attend are of course Time Warner Cable we're glad to be there Macy's Wells Fargo and will wield cow source Van Nuys Airport Van Nuys Airport involves expecting the FBI federal bureau of Metro the Los Angeles County Metro administration these are real employers minis are big yes significant employers are hiring yes, and I have to think I'm not a veteran myself, but I think about veterans I mean the job skills that they have mastered by serving the military you don't get those anywhere else I mean they really have a lot to offer a tremendous amount to offer I think yes yes and if I may say in Canola Park work source center going back to our veteran Academy this is an intensive five-week curriculum not only we help them make the resume marketable in today's labor market demands we also again they're interviewing skills course, but I just think about what they can bring to the table it's the work ethic it's the discipline it's the technical skills and at this event on or hero hire a vet October 18th 11 23 no charge to veterans that is...
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